North American Restaurant Consultants

Optimizing the Restaurant Industry through On-Site and Online System Documentation and Leadership Training

Our Experience

NARC - North American Restaurant Consultants a Division of ProfitGOLD Consulting with over 25 years of hands on business operation experience, is known worldwide for providing unlimited value in Business Consulting and Coaching. 

Our most powerful asset is in the creation of systems, documentation, training and implementation of the strategies that create massive profitability, promote exceptional customer service and full transparency for owners and managers of employees and servers within the restaurant industry

Why Do You Need the Value We Provide?

The restaurant industry is a fast paced ever-changing environment where the average restaurant has an employee turnover rate as high as 150% within a 12-month period. This results in hundreds of lost hours training, re-training and reliance on a "few good people" to sustain the business. NARC removes this uncertainty by providing customized training, documentation,implementation and Leadership coaching for the way your restaurant does business. This type of Business Mastery will prove to be an invaluable and profitable asset throughout the lifetime of your business. 

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